What happens with the FUN Ends?

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. Each day, I wake up with a renewed sense of positivity. It’s a skill that I’ve built up over years and years of trial and error. But how do I keep that positive beat bumping each day? by KEEPING THE FUN in my life! What keeps a smile on my face is not perfecting how to […]

Keeping up with Yourself

Tired. Tired. Tired… and more tired…with a tired cherry on top. I’m literally falling asleep at the wheel of life this week and I finally realized why: I’m not able to Keep up with Myself! A while back, I was talking to my Dad one day after work about my week. I went into a long monologue about events, projects, […]

Projects, Plans & Progress

I’m pretty busy over in my world even if I’m quiet on here. The last couple of months have been like being shot out of a cannon – in a good way. I’m always busy but these last few months I’ve done nothing else but say “YES!” and accept more challenges. Current Projects Include: Monthly Etsy Night Program Coordinator & […]