How To Build a PLAY Sign (PART2)

Come and tell me what nobody knows: how do you spark people to PLAY more?! Build a 9′ by 3′ illuminated sign that will push them to remember how a simple word can bring a smile, build confidence when playing air hockey or trying something new & move you to see how fun life can be while you learn and grow! Oh hell, I don’t really know if that’s what this marquee will inspire… but I know that it brought that out in me – so… that’s saying somethin’

We’re DONE and what an adventure!

photo taken by Joey The Cat

Let’s step back and talk about how we completed this creative project… After the PLAY sign had been cut & designed, we were about half way to finished with the project. Luckily, all the shopping for the materials had been done ahead of time & Joey had some extra paint in storage. I was invested in the future of the project and didn’t want to IMG_6011stop helping even with the bulk of my tasks being completed… so I asked to come by for the painting portion.

PAINT! Paints the most fun – I rolled up on my scoot mid-day on a Saturday. The weather in San Francisco was beautiful & the air was crisp… my ride over put a smile on my face and although I had some serious helmet hair, my disheveled self was happy to dig in and get paint all over my hands & the surrounding table cloth. Although… later finding out enamel paint is vIMG_6009ery hard to remove from your hands. Oh man…  did I scrub a good layer or two off of myself when I was done… but hey, the colors were contrasting and fun – and the bright saturation really made the piece feel like it was living up to its name.

True to the rest of the project, Joey and I teamed up well for the painting portion… Okay, Okay…I did most of the painting, but that’s to be expected since I absolutely love that kinda stuff & sorta took over. 😉
Didn’t take long before the sign was painted and awaited the next step. WIRES & BULBS!

Joey has (in my eyes) a passion for wiring & since this next piece of the project was more in his wheelhouse, Joey finished the next step one late night on his own. I am not gonna lie – I would have loved to see how that whole step was completed but he sent photos and they made me smile – because – ALMOST FINISHED!

IMG_6333What I do know is that much of the wiring was already assembled via the type of sockets that Joey had purchased and the bulbs are a decorative chandelier style bulb. We had consulted with a local hardware store about the bulbs and purchased something that casts a nice warm glow over the blue background.

IMG_6332 I guess we could have stopped there…although the biggest hurdle was ahead of us and neither of us had time for a while there to really dig into a full on solution to the last piece of the whole project… how the hell will this thing hang on the wall?! Where will it go? Looking back, maybe that should have been the first step? Meh… no biggie cause it all worked out in the end.

To mount this bad boy on the wall… Joey painted and screwed a 8′ piece of wood onto the warehouse wall. Red seemed like a nice primary color to pick (also the default paint we had on hand). With some discussion & leveling… as well as some serious team work to get the piece onto the wall (who knew kerning would be such a concern of mine during this project?!)… SHE’S ALIVE! The marquee sign fits perfectly right above the Air Hockey table. Also worthy of noting that I clearly need to work on my air hockey skills… I guess I can’t just play once every 2 years and still be good at it… but other than Joey beating me at a game of air hockey, the installation went really well!

IMG_6101Maybe later, there will be some additional wiring work done (since at this moment each letter has it’s own wiring system) OR maybe we’ll have to add on another word… but for now I’m still reeling from the happiness that the sign brought all who crossed it’s path & also all of the learnings that came from the project.

I’m not sure what projects Joey The Cat & I will collaborate on in the future – for two people who just met a few months ago… we sure team up well! – but I’m 123% certain whatever projects we work on next together will be playful, challenging & true adventures like this one was.

Looking for your own marquee sign made by us? Contact me here or Joey here.

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