BE YOURSELF Through Creative Exploration

This is a hard entry to write. I keep starting and stopping like I have nothing important to say but I think this is probably one of the most important pieces of advice that I can gift to you – to myself – to us.

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with my own personal artistic style. I don’t feel challenged and because I’m no longer challenging my own illustrations and art, I don’t feel inspired to draw or paint. I’ve never felt a moment in my life where I didn’t have a vision or clear path set out in front of me… I mean, shoot… at age 8 I declared emphatically that I was going to be a Graphic Designer. And I knew by going this route with my career, I could keep drawing & being an art kid for life.

So…this whole notion that I no longer feel challenged with my own illustrations & art is HUGE for me…it’s like losing a vital cog in the wheel. And instead of just being like – Draw, Katy, Draw… I’m saying… STOP… assess… and let’s see where the act of pausing and shift my creative energy elsewhere will take me. I’m accepting now that I have an intellectual curiosity that is stepping in front of my previous full on production-mode within my own art. I’m accepting that there is something going on here and there’s some serious Creative Exploration that needs to happen to get past this hurdle…
THO – lemme tell you – I find this hurdle to be one of the most exciting times in my life #PostivityForever….


What I am doing instead of SO powerful & I think it’s worthy of sharing. I’m taking my creative spirit, exploring other mediums & working hand-n-hand with others that share the same spark for wanting to learn, grow & #dosomethingcreative every single day. Instead of working towards being productive & producing X amounts of art each day… I’m focusing on creative exploration & being present in this moment. Because of that, I’m finding my pie in the sky ideas are tangible and attainable. This is meaningful because in my own artwork I was feeling like I wasn’t challenged… could it be that all I needed to do was shift, be present and start exploring instead of being so focused on the dollar amount I might make from pure production mode?

Success to me in my creative life was always surrounding doing what I was best at and sticking to that. But I think a true creative spirit thrives in the shifts & by using your own inner voice to guide you.

Here are 3 Tips to keeping up with your creative self when you’re stuck in your own creativity:


Naturally, I adore being observant and learning from other people because I’m a curious kitty. When I surround myself with creative energy than I feel more inspired to be creative & feel less afraid to take risks when I see those around me totally rockin’ things that seem super difficult for me (like re-wiring something or building a dining table). Being part of SFEtsy, I feel inspired on the daily by the drive and ambition so many makers have in San Francisco.


I’m always thinking of more projects which naturally influence my art even if they are different from “the usual”. I also take the time to place myself in an inspiration spot at least once a week. Easy to do when you’re in San Francisco… surrounded by beauty. But consider lighting a candle at home and sitting quietly with your tea one evening. Sometimes you gotta get a little crafty with how you build a space for your daydreaming – but once you have that magic sauce, you’re golden!


Stay positive and follow your bliss! Seeking out new experiences is part of growing and exploring. It’s taken me years and years to get there but I’ve finally accepted that a large part of my energy is within my intellectual curiosity. I enjoy learning new things – I want to be challenged. Taking a risk to allow yourself to explore something new will create a beautiful complexity in any of the new work that comes afterward.


I can’t help but recognize that this exploration and journey that I’m on – this fork in the road per-say – is in an effort to pull out and uncover some of my own creative self that has yet to be discovered. I’m excited about what that means – what will I unearth by even acknowledging this, shifting & making moves to be even MORE myself? My hope is that I will becoming more authentic in my artwork while challenging myself to be even more inspiring towards myself and others.




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