Are you feeling Geometric Today?


Creativity comes in geometric, too.

I’ve been on a wacky creative kick with Joey The Cat and, much to my delight, the projects keep coming. We’ve gotten a little carried away – from the PLAY sign to adventures in party planning, it’s been a fun+inspiring few months for sure. The momentum has been addictive so we’ve been kicking around some other creative project ideas on the regular and a few weeks ago planned to meet about one of the projects (to be revealed later)… On my way to Joey’s headquarters for brainstorming… Joey calls me and says “Are you feeling geometric today?”

I mean… I guess? As we’ve learned in art school, all things can broken down into shapes. Sure, why not… “I guess so, I’m feeling geometric…” (oh gawd, what did I just get myself into?!)

And from there I met Joey at the paint store to help him with the next step of who knows how many steps… We had already built about 10 pieces of Ikea furniture for the space a bit before that – which, mostly fell on the more drill-gifted Joey. Luckily, I could step in for this next awesome project – painting!


our colors!

So this is when Joey finally decided to tell me exactly what what going on… he showed me a photo of a geometric wall that he was inspired by and asked if I would help him paint a couple walls in the headquarters of Joey The Cat. I’m game for most all things that involve painting with large amounts of saturated colors so we hatched a plan and got started. Joey had two rooms that he was painting & my job was to be an imagineer for one large wall in one room & one smaller wall in another. I didn’t even think of how long this project would take – most all of my weekend – but I still agreed to do it. Because: creativity!


We picked out 4 main colors: charcoal, deep purple, medium gray and a lime green. We also used a eggshell white & red (which was already at the space). I don’t think there was much discussion around the colors…Joey left most of that up to me but I tried to pick colors that matched well with one main accent color: the lime. Also, we knew that much of the furniture in the space was either red or black. So colors we picked had to match the colors already in the space.


Joey getting into it. To get a straight line with the tape he had to get onto the floor.


First, Joey and I masked off the walls with painter’s tape. I had just a couple of rules while working on this step… I didn’t want to make any “mountain shapes”, “right angles” or anything that looked like a penis. OK, but seriously that was going through my head. I didn’t want someone to look at the wall and find some hidden shape.  I also took special consideration when looking at how things would match up as you looked at the wall.


After the shapes were mapped out – I created a smudge in the center of each shape which would help the team to know where to paint each color. When I was working on this step, I made sure to keep from putting the same color next to itself. This took some thinking and it wasn’t a very fast process since I wanted to calculate how colors would be seen when finished.

Joey had hired a professional painter (Edgar) for the weekend who worked mainly on large walls around the space & also helped to answer any questions that I had during the planning process. After he and I spoke some about how to remove the tape & also about how I imagined the room coming together, I started to fill in the shapes. Similar to color-by-number… from here on out it was mostly just a matter of getting deep into the painting process.


color by number?


At some point, Edgar The Painter, Joey and I got the idea to add in a small cat in the corner. Edgar pushed for a mouse in some secret spot… but that didn’t go over as well as a hand-painted cat. I wanted to match one of Joey’s favorite cat shirts and so I took a photo of his shirt and took about 30 minutes to paint a cat in the corner of the room – freehand. Large and in charge, it was only fitting that this kitty was named after our resident painting expert, Edgar.




Just a bit ago, Workshop announced that I will be a regular craft class teacher starting in March! I’m decompressing the first weekend of March with my friend Dana of Do The Hotpants & excited to keep on keepin’ on with Joey and his crew. We will be building a dining table for the main room in the JTC headquarters which matches the walls in some way. I’ve been kicking around the idea of a 6-sided shape but Joey and I haven’t sat down to sketch yet so that might be a while before we get to that. I suppose the most fun part of the projects I’ve been working on with Joey is that there’s really no set plan of attack (at least not communicated with me)… I’ve been enjoying living in the moment & keeping my creative claws sharpened just in case something fun comes up on the fly. Working with Joey is seamless so I hope we keep on this path: he’s a visionary and has a drive to push projects forward which is infectious. We communicate well – even when he’s a little frustrated with my inability to use a drill at 1:30 in the morning (in my defense I got hungry for a late night snack and it was well past my bedtime).

Also, I’ve been working on my uke playing & just recently auditioned (and will likely perform) for Mortified in the late spring. Plus, I’ve been planning a class + studio tour of my Dad’s space & working with SFEtsy on a blog series to inspire Etsy sellers to expand their businesses beyond the internet’s expansive reach.
Phew… I’m a little sleepy thinking of all the fun on the horizon but then again… it’s kinda like right before Santa comes and you can’t sleep because your mind is excited and filled with the possibilities.

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