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Starting in April, I’m hosting several classes in partnership with Workshop.! I’m calling this series CraftHacking 101. I’ll be re-teaching some of my most popular classes first and building on knowledge you’ve already learned from me in a longer & more in depth class! Can’t wait to see some of you guys there!

Which classes will I be teaching?! Details below!

150215_CraftHackingIG_Agate_v1CraftHacking 101: Agate & Geode Jewelry Class

Stop carting around a bag of crystals & learn how to bring elements of nature into your work and how to elevate found objects to create beautiful jewelry. I’ll teach you how to make gilded agate rings & beginner wire wrapping so you can start sporting your bag o’ crystals as jewelry instead. You’ll get to choose an agate crystal and learn how to turn it into a beautiful ring with an exquisite dipped gold look! Then, later in the class we’ll break open geodes & learn how to wire wrap them into luxurious-looking pendents. We’ve been lucky enough for this class to have agates donated from a very special mine in Idaho Falls, ID: Prudent Man Agate

monday 4/20, 7pm
thursday 5/14, 7pm

CraftHacking 101: Soaps

No one likes a real life Pig Pen, bro. Feel extra sassy as you suds up with soap you made yourself. Using premium materials, I’ll will teach you semi-advanced techniques – such as how to add a toy in the center of your soap or add swirls to make your soap look extra swanky in the tub.

monday 5/6, 7pm
saturday 5/23, 12pm

150215_CraftHackingIG_Weaving_v1CraftHacking 101: Weaving

You’ll be the ultimate weaving genius after I teach you how to build your own mini-loom and use rad and totally real elements from nature like twigs, branches and leaves combined with naturally dyed yarn to create a small woven tapestry to hang with pride in your home. We’ll all sippy-sippy on some wine and beer as we get our weaving zen on during this class. For this class, we will also be playing around with drop spindles made by LickinFlames (a Saggar, Obvara and Raku Pottery Studio from Pittsburg, CA)

saturday 4/25, 12pm
wednesday 5/27, 7pm

CraftHacking 101: Hand-Lettering & Faux Calligraphy

Learn the basics of decorative handwriting and handwritten lettering with me. I’ll teach you a hand-lettering technique I’ve coined “faux calligraphy”, a fun way to jazz up signage or invitations with lettering done completely by hand. Plus, some other rad hand-lettering styles, too!
monday 5/25, 7pm
saturday 6/13, 3pm


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