2016 – Imagine

It’s almost unbelievable that 2015 is over. I rang in the new year tucked tightly in my own bed, my cat at my feet. The end of 2015 was turbulent and I came crashing down into 2016 with a lot on my mind. I still have to write about it – but I’m trying to focus on the new beginnings that this year offers first.

The last two weeks I’ve been really meditating on what I want my guided-word to be for the year to come. I have a lot of personal goals & I need to reconnect with my own self and the love that I have for my own spirit. All of the goals I have feel really intangible. Too far off to grasp, too glorious to believe that I am deserving of such wonderful things to happen to me.

My word for 2016: IMAGINE.
A limitless word, this word symbolizes my own ability to grasp anything my imagination can come up with. At this point in my life, I didn’t imagine I’d be single and still living in my adorable apartment. I love the life I’ve built around me… but I imagined something else so different. What I want – is to take the things I imagine for myself this year – and focus on those visions in a very focused way – feeling limitless in the possibilities ahead.

I imagine a life where I balance the darkness and the light within myself.

I 100% love myself… I’ve worked a long while to be very comfortable in my 35 year old self. Tho…recently, I have shown a darker/sadder side to myself & a lot of personal struggles have come to the surface. How I don’t really believe that I am loved by others for 100% of who I am. I’m working on this struggle every day. I’m hoping that by the end of 2016 I will have come to a much better balance with this.

I will imagine what my life will be like if I let every once of my creative light shine through fully.

I am pretty guarded – even if I’m very open. In 2014, my word was shine – and I did shine SO MUCH that year because I embraced my inner creative spirit and I worked with others who harnessed some of that creativity and pushed me further. This last year, I worked mostly on helping other’s find their own creative passion & in the process, I lost my way a bit. Hard to explain but this year, I’ll be journalling more and pulling my own creative light out within my classes and projects. I’m pretty excited about this resurgence of energy around my artistic self.

Imagine-ation Gone Totally Crazed?

I have these amazing goals ahead for myself – new art projects tucked neatly in between teaching – co-teaching with some amazing spiritual creative souls & pushing my life in a new direction where I will have more space to shine my creative light onto others. I’m taking on projects with others this next year that will continue to foster what 2014 taught me – that to shine the brightest…you hold the hand of another light!

love this texture of this wall

  • I will build out my space to CREATE! <– mind, body and soul –> this may actually mean I’ll be moving!
  • I will build out my community to help my Imagination FLOURISH
  • I will pull out all of the colors of the rainbow for my art – I will imagine how bright and cheerful this word can be with the whole rainbow at your fingertips – LIMITLESS!
  • I will call all of what we accomplish together as a community – MAGIC! Because that’s how it feels when everything you could imagine comes to life.

    Imagine: a limitless word with amazing properties that will lift my spirits and push me forward into a boundless beautiful life in 2016.

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