Geode Jewelry Materials List

For people looking to get into wire wrapping, here are all the materials you need to create beautiful wrapped agates, geodes and crystals.


First, get yourself some tools!


DARICE 1893-09 Jewelry Plier Set, Set of 5



As I tell all my students, 20 gauge is a great beginner wire because it’s thick enough for structural work and then thin enough for detailed decorative things, like swirls!

This is what we use in the class I teach:

Gold and Silver Coated Craft Wire 20-Gauge

However, when you’re ready… graduate to Sterling Silver for special gifts for family and friends.
Sterling Silver Wire 20 Gauge Round Half Hard (5 Feet)



Raw Stones are my favorite for beginners since their rough edges give your wire something to hold onto. Once you’ve got the technique down, graduate to agate slices and other types of stones. The possibilities are endless!

Amethyst: balances physical ailments
1 lb Natural Amethyst Crystals Raw Rough Stones

Amazonite: helps you speak your truth
Zentron Crystal Collection 1/2 Pound Rough Natural Amazonite Stones

Sodalite: Helps you gain mental clarity
1lb Bulk Rough Blue Sodalite Stones Large 1″

Fluorite: Neutralizes negative energy
SUNYIK Natural Raw Stones Fluorite,1pound


Agates: the healing properties of these aren’t as intense as a quartz crystal but do bring harmony to all things. It’s just a slower process vs the quartz crystal.

Agate slices can be used with our without the hole. I believe that the hole really helps when you’re a beginner, but here’s both links so that you can choose what works best for you.

Left Coast Thin Sliced Agate Pendants with Drilled Hole Set of 12 Assorted

Beverly Oaks Set of 25 Multi Colored Agate Slices Exclusive with Certificate of Authenticity




Instead of doing gold dipping – which is highly toxic, we use a gold leaf paint

Liquid Leaf Paint One Step Leafing Paint, 0.75-Ounce, Original (Bright (Classic) Gold)

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