– I am an idea machine

– I am a creative motivator

– I believe in communities that inspire

– I am and visual designer & illustrator

– I am currently a mighty leader & art director for the art collective,  SF Etsy

Born to a potter and a textile artist, I’ve been keepin’ the outside of my hands dirty with paint, marker and pastel for as long as I can remember. While other kids were attending summer camp & soccer practice, I was raised going to craft shows every weekend and spent vacations in a small 1920s Montana cabin. In middle school  I declared that I was going to be a Graphic Designer. A decade later I graduated from my Undergraduate degrees in Visual Arts & Graphic Design…and then took on a MFA in New Media as the cherry on top.

Still, although I did a great job nurturing my left brain self by clicking away at a computer, in 2001 I interned as a Sculpture Assistant to the amazing Fern Cunningham in Boston. She reminded me that being an artist is a passion we are born with. She inspired me to find a balance between my desire to make money in design and the need to nurture the artist inside of me. You can’t hide being artistic or creative… it comes out in your smile and your eyes…it’s who you are.

Professionally from 9-5pm, I’m a Senior Web Designer for Vionic Group (a fun small start-up shoe company). I take out my creativity out on canvas, paper goods and stationery. I’ve shown at many different venues in The Bay Area and been a featured artist at some great events as well. I hope to inspire others to find that balance between the business side of ourselves and the creative beast we have pushing us to continue to create.

(all in San Francisco or the Bay Area)

  • 111 Minna – A Sketch Tuesday artist 5/11/2010
  • Space Gallery
  • 540 Club
  • Studio Gallery SF
  • Shoe Biz on Valencia
  • Three Twins – Lower Haight
  • Underground SF


PRESS ABOUT EVENTS featuring me or taught by me

I have also taught multiple craft classes in San Francisco and will be organizing more!
Please follow me on twitter or FB for more info at @katyatch to keep in the loop on all the fun!