2016 – Imagine

It’s almost unbelievable that 2015 is over. I rang in the new year tucked tightly in my own bed, my cat at my feet. The end of 2015 was turbulent and I came crashing down into 2016 with a lot on my mind. I still have to write about it – but I’m trying to focus on the new beginnings […]

CraftHacking 101 Classes

EXCITING NEWS! Starting in April, I’m hosting several classes in partnership with Workshop.! I’m calling this series CraftHacking 101. I’ll be re-teaching some of my most popular classes first and building on knowledge you’ve already learned from me in a longer & more in depth class! Can’t wait to see some of you guys there! http://www.workshopsf.org/ Which classes will I be […]

Before the trip I had put together a scavenger hunt of positivity per Dana’s suggestion. We had to look for both external validation from the media as well as internal validation from ourselves. Here’s some of the things we looked for: • Find a puppy on the street that loves you no matter what • Toast to self love with your […]

How To Build a PLAY Sign (PART2)

Come and tell me what nobody knows: how do you spark people to PLAY more?! Build a 9′ by 3′ illuminated sign that will push them to remember how a simple word can bring a smile, build confidence when playing air hockey or trying something new & move you to see how fun life can be while you learn and […]

What happens with the FUN Ends?

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. Each day, I wake up with a renewed sense of positivity. It’s a skill that I’ve built up over years and years of trial and error. But how do I keep that positive beat bumping each day? by KEEPING THE FUN in my life! What keeps a smile on my face is not perfecting how to […]

Keeping up with Yourself

Tired. Tired. Tired… and more tired…with a tired cherry on top. I’m literally falling asleep at the wheel of life this week and I finally realized why: I’m not able to Keep up with Myself! A while back, I was talking to my Dad one day after work about my week. I went into a long monologue about events, projects, […]

Projects, Plans & Progress

I’m pretty busy over in my world even if I’m quiet on here. The last couple of months have been like being shot out of a cannon – in a good way. I’m always busy but these last few months I’ve done nothing else but say “YES!” and accept more challenges. Current Projects Include: Monthly Etsy Night Program Coordinator & […]

Onward : Upward & Sideways

2007: I was 27 and was living for a brief moment in Marin with my parents. I journeyed into the city for an interview at Pottery Barn in my little silver car. I was listening to What Makes Milwaukee Famous and singing along. I was in an emotional transition in my life, I didn’t know what was next and I […]

Every so often, I’ll make it a point to get to know an artist who inspires me. Last month, I organized an interview swap for the San Francisco Etsy Team. Interested members would randomly be teamed with another Etsy seller on the team and they were given the task to interview each other within one month’s time. Since I organized […]

When you’re truly passionate about an idea. How easy is it to get off the sofa and make somethin’ happen? What I’m tired of: are the leaders who talk talk talk about all the things they will be doing…or all the ideas they have… and expect that to be the way they lead a group of people. One of my […]