How To Build a PLAY Sign (PART2)

Come and tell me what nobody knows: how do you spark people to PLAY more?! Build a 9′ by 3′ illuminated sign that will push them to remember how a simple word can bring a smile, build confidence when playing air hockey or trying something new & move you to see how fun life can be while you learn and […]

Symmetry: 2015 goals

I want to always live with intention. To be aware and conscious of my own personal truths…even if those truths are hard to stomach. Each year, as I’ve mentioned… I pick one word of the year to carry me through the next 365 days… instead of a resolution, it’s more of a theme I’m committing to. This year: Symmetry. And […]

How I let 2014 Shine

Each year, I chose one word to define, navigate and motivate┬ámy year into an inspiring direction. This year, the word was “Shine”. You may wonder why I picked that word… I had realized at the time that 2013┬áhad been the toughest of my whole life & I needed to pick myself up and not let the year before define the […]