Amber Tisue is one of those people that sucks you in…her intense positive energy sparks off of her as she stands still. Her band – Solis – has a softness to it that also pulls you in. Like the soft sounds of a symphony, her voice carries over a crowd with lyrical bliss. I was fortunate enough that Amber agreed […]


I know I’m not the cutting edge kinda girl…I’m not giving you things you haven’t heard…not often…but maybe – just maybe there is a chance you’re excited by the music I’m unleashing on you. Last year…I went to this guys show…he stood in the middle of The Great American Music Hall…everyone crowed around and NO ONE stopped dancing. Despite the […]

Music Discovery – Thru Meghan Marie’s Ears

Ever had a hard time pulling yourself from your cube? Doesn’t happen very often for me…but today it actually DID! Meghan Marie of the Salon (aut delectare aut prodesse est) likes to send me links sometimes of bands she’s in love with… this time…the band she introduced me to has this seriously STRONG hold of my ears. How will I […]

Sasquatch Festival 2009!

Awe gawd – do I want to go!!! Passion Pit in on the line up with Kings of Leon, TV on the Radio, Santogold & TONS of other amazing artists. If you haven’t been…it’s FAR Better than any Cochella “situation”…with some of the best acoustics in the US – the venue, The Gorge, is one of the most beautiful venues […]