Geode Jewelry Materials List

For people looking to get into wire wrapping, here are all the materials you need to create beautiful wrapped agates, geodes and crystals. ————————– First, get yourself some tools! TOOLS: DARICE 1893-09 Jewelry Plier Set, Set of 5 ————————– WIRE As I tell all my students, 20 gauge is a great beginner wire because it’s thick enough for structural work […]

CraftHacking 101 Classes

EXCITING NEWS! Starting in April, I’m hosting several classes in partnership with Workshop.! I’m calling this series CraftHacking 101. I’ll be re-teaching some of my most popular classes first and building on knowledge you’ve already learned from me in a longer & more in depth class! Can’t wait to see some of you guys there! Which classes will I be […]

Before the trip I had put together a scavenger hunt of positivity per Dana’s suggestion. We had to look for both external validation from the media as well as internal validation from ourselves. Here’s some of the things we looked for: • Find a puppy on the street that loves you no matter what • Toast to self love with your […]

#ColorSplash In Miami – PART 1

I’ve been battling a totally scary and wacky “drawing block” by channeling my energy into new creative endeavors and studio visits. And although my inner spark of all-day-all-night creativity is still going strong…. my paintings and drawings had been pushed to the side – that is, until my recent trip to Miami last week where I started drawing again and my own solo-creativity […]

So, as a Creative Maven – my creative interests fall between swimming in glitter & gluing my hand to my favorite jeans (true stories)… so basically, ALL OVER THE MAP. This year, as I talked about before, is a year of exploration & pushing myself into new directions. Goal 5 of this year is to build on my weaknesses. I […]

Are you feeling Geometric Today?

I’ve been on a wacky creative kick with Joey The Cat and, much to my delight, the projects keep coming. We’ve gotten a little carried away – from the PLAY sign to adventures in party planning, it’s been a fun+inspiring few months for sure. The momentum has been addictive so we’ve been kicking around some other creative project ideas on the […]

5 Home Decor Items that Inspire Creativity

Unconventional home decor is something that comes naturally to me and today I wanted to show you 5 items in my own home that might inspire creativity in your own! 1: UNIQUE STORAGE SOLUTIONS: When I moved out of my last place, my roomie gifted me the most amazing trunk to house my board games & fun stuff. And although […]

A couple months ago, Joey The Cat asked if I would help him plan a Halloween Bash… he wasn’t exactly sure what it would be, but together, with the help of Mustafa of DayBreaker, we thought up a really fun and playful event. We had #RobotDanceParty come and dance with everyone while they either played games or made a costume! Basic breakdown […]

What happens with the FUN Ends?

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. Each day, I wake up with a renewed sense of positivity. It’s a skill that I’ve built up over years and years of trial and error. But how do I keep that positive beat bumping each day? by KEEPING THE FUN in my life! What keeps a smile on my face is not perfecting how to […]

Projects, Plans & Progress

I’m pretty busy over in my world even if I’m quiet on here. The last couple of months have been like being shot out of a cannon – in a good way. I’m always busy but these last few months I’ve done nothing else but say “YES!” and accept more challenges. Current Projects Include: Monthly Etsy Night Program Coordinator & […]